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Breastfeeding Support Consultants
Center for Lactation Education

About Us

It is the mission of BSC to improve the health of women and infants through education and promotion of breastfeeding to health professionals. BSC believes that breastfeeding success is determined by the goals of the individual mother and the needs of her infant. BSC believes that prevention counseling, whereby the consultant initiates contacts with the mother before problems arise, educates her and supports her successes, is crucial to establishing an environment free of problems for mother and baby. BSC views the mother as a partner in her health care and strives to make her an active participant in all decisions surrounding the breastfeeding relationship, regardless of any predetermined ideas of what might constitute "success." BSC believes that by educating the mother, providing her with sound advice and emotional support, and encouraging her to make her own choices, she will achieve her individual breastfeeding goals.


The goals of BSC are:

TO provide an education for lactation consultants and breastfeeding counselors that will offer a comprehensive learning experience and prepare them to work as part of the breastfeeding mother's health care team.
TO provide continuing education and resources for health care workers in lactation research and management.
TO teach a prevention approach to lactation consultation that will empower breastfeeding women and increase success rates for breastfeeding globally.
TO increase the numbers of women choosing to breastfeed their babies and to increase duration as an ultimate consequence of continuing education activities aimed at enhancing awareness among health care workers and the general public concerning the health benefits of breastfeeding and appropriate management techniques.
TO provide early intervention for minimizing breastfeeding problems and to guide mothers in the problem solving process.

Personal Message from the Executive Director


Welcome to BSCs Virtual Campus!  Our graduates find that the education they receive through BSC enables them to further their careers and gain the satisfaction of achieving their personal and educational goals.  Our graduates care for breastfeeding mothers and infants in a variety of settings  as lactation consultants, nurses, physicians, midwives, physician assistants, nutritionists, volunteer counselors, childbirth educators, and in other areas of the health field.

As leaders in lactation education, BSC has, over the years, educated several thousand health professionals in the theory and practice of lactation management.  BSC was founded in 1981 as a nonprofit teaching and consulting firm.  Our staff of certified lactation consultants conducts professional training programs through in-depth distance courses. BSC's primary goal is to provide quality instruction at a reasonable cost and in a manner that best suits the needs and timing of the student. Instruction is directed towards the professional who wishes to work in the field of lactation, with information and technique based on a preventive approach, maintaining that successful breastfeeding is promoted by educating mothers and offering support and advice. Course content acquaints students with a broad perspective of philosophies and approaches to breastfeeding support and lactation management.

In addition to courses designed to aid in the introduction and certification of health professionals who wish to work in the field of lactation, BSC recognizes the need for continued, life long learning, as well as the need for continued education for credentials and licensure. To that end, BSC continues to develop and maintain courses which enable professionals in the field to obtain CERPs, as required by their professions.

As such we invite questions, and inquiries in areas not listed, and would be happy to work with you in furthering your educational needs and goals.

 Pamela  Allyn, Executive Director

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