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Breastfeeding Support Consultants
Center for Lactation Education


For admission to the Center for Lactation Education, send a completed Application with the application fee. Eligible applicants will be accepted regardless of race, gender, age, religion, country of origin, or personal breastfeeding experience. Applications to the home study courses are accepted and admission is granted continuously throughout the year, allowing each student to follow an independent schedule.


All applications are reviewed carefully by the Center administrator. Upon approval, you will receive an acceptance letter along with an invoice for the tuition. See the Enrollment Agreement for the procedure for tuition payments. Your tuition may be reimbursed or paid by your employer. Institutions have participated in tuition reimbursement programs for our students for over 10 years. Check with your employer. Your tuition is protected through your Application and Enrollment Agreement.

Eligibility for a Breastfeeding Counselor Course

Students entering Course 510, the Breastfeeding Counselor course, must have a high school diploma or equivalent. There are no specific postsecondary academic or professional requirements for admission to a Breastfeeding Counselor Course. However, applicants must have access to counseling breastfeeding mothers., i.e., through a support group.

Eligibility for a Lactation Consultant Course

Students entering Course 511, the Lactation Consultant Course, must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

Hold an accredited associate degree, or a diploma from a recognized college, university or nursing school (equivalent to approximately 60 credit hours minimum); preferably with courses in the health field.

Have access to work with breastfeeding mothers and infants while in the course.

Eligibility Exceptions

The Center recognizes the value of career-based experience and alternate types of formal learning. Applicants who do not possess the academic prerequisites for a Lactation Consultant Course, may qualify through a combination of other qualifications. The value for all components will be determined individually. Criteria may include:

Transcripts of courses in the health field from an accredited college or university, with a grade of "C" or better (i.e., anatomy, physiology, microbiology, family health, nutrition, sociology).

Professional seminars, workshops, internships and in-service classes.

Direct experience working with breastfeeding mothers and babies.

BSC Breastfeeding Counselor graduate, with recommendation of instructor.

A student who applies for the Lactation Consultant course and whose qualifications seem borderline is given an option of entering the Breastfeeding Counselor Course or contacting the BSC office and supplying further information that would influence their enrollment in the Lactation Consultant Course. If the student demonstrates a sufficient balance of academic preparation and work experience, an exception may be made.

Course Selection

Courses for lactation consultants are offered at an advanced level and require post secondary education. Courses for breastfeeding counselors are offered at the intermediate level and have no post secondary education requirement.

The distance course is well suited to individuals who have difficulty attending a lengthy on-site program due to distance, child care or other needs. It is entirely self-paced, within the requirement of submitting course work every six weeks. This form of study works well for the student who is self-motivated and able to maintain momentum through the course.

Join the BSC Family!

If you wish to enroll in the courses  510 or 511 offered by the Center for Lactation Education, please complete both the Enrollment Agreement and the Application and submit them with your credit card number for the application fee. Or, you may contact the Center and request that these forms be mailed to you. Mail the completed Application and Enrollment Agreement to the Center with your application fee. Join the hundreds of other health professionals in the BSC family!

If you wish to enroll in any of the 600, 700, or 800 level courses for CEU and CERP credit, please fill out the Application form, and submit payment.


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