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Breastfeeding Support Consultants
Center for Lactation Education

Enrollment Agreement

An approved application is required for enrollment in either of BSC's 510 or 511 distance courses. Submit your completed application to BSC with your $35 application fee. You will be notified regarding your acceptance within 10 working days.

Tuition Payment will be due 30 days after the Student Application is accepted at BSC. Course materials will be shipped following receipt of payment.

All courses in the 600, 700, or 800 levels do not require an application or application fee, but we request that you read and agree to the following: 

Agreement between BSC and Student

BSC agrees to:

  • Meet the course objectives as stated in the program guide.
  • Provide qualified instructors certified by the IBLCE.
  • Provide course materials and make recommendations for reading.
  • Review and grade course work in a timely manner.
  • Respond to student inquiries and requests promptly.
  • Issue a certificate of completion that will reflect the number of hours completed.
  • Issue transcripts to the student that reflect grades received in the course.

The BSC student agrees to:

  • Submit the Enrollment Fee and first (or full) Tuition Payment within 30 days of the date of the acceptance letter.
  • Submit tuition payments on time.
  • Submit homework assignments completed and on time.
  • Complete the course within the specified time period.
  • Cover all personal postage, supply, and communication costs originating with the student.
  • Not copy or cause to be copied any training material or other BSC literature, nor make any training materials available to others, without express written permission from BSC.
  • Not use BSC training materials for the purpose of training others without express written permission from BSC.
  • Not use the name of BSC nor cause it to be associated with other organizations, causes, or issues.
  • Not hold BSC liable for statements or actions made by the student.

Tuition Protection Policy  

We are confident that you will be satisfied with your BSC program. To ensure you of this, we provide you with this liberal Cancellation and Refund Policy. You may request cancellation within 5 days, and we will send a full refund of tuition. If you wish to cancel after this, but before completion of the first lesson, we will refund tuition less 25%. After completion of the first lesson, and before the completion of the second lesson, we will refund tuition less 30%. We will refund 35% of tuition up to the time of completion of  25% of the course. Maximum time to complete courses: 510 = 18 months; 511 = 24 months. After that time a student may be dropped from the course and be ineligible for tuition refunds.


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