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Breastfeeding Support Consultants
Center for Lactation Education

Breastfeeding Consultant Course 

Course 511:  Breastfeeding Consultant Exclusive Home Study 

195 IBLCE L-CERPS and 5 E-CERPs  Cost is only $1250.00 with interest free payment plan available.

Course 511 provides health care professionals with the core knowledge and skills necessary for helping mothers and the advance skills needed for problem solving. Learning activities include interviews, case studies, care plans and resource materials, clinical observations, study questions, and critical research analysis. A Clinical Practicum assesses breastfeeding knowledge and management skills in a clinical setting in your locale. Evaluation includes a written final exam.

Students receive a program manual in a 3-ring binder which contains policies, procedures, assignments, and instructional material developed by the Center. The course is typically completed in 12 to 18 months, with 24 months being the maximum time allowed. Course 511 covers all the grids of the IBLCE exam and meets all the didactic requirements for sitting the exam.  Texts: Counseling the Nursing Mother, Lauwers and Swisher, 5th edition;  Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, Riordan and Wambach, 4th edition;  Breastfeeding:  A Guide for the Medical Profession, Lawrence, 7th edition.

Course 511 Content

  • History of Lactation/The Role of the Lactation Consultant – Role of LC in breastfeeding promotion; changes in breastfeeding practices; consultations; practice settings
  • Scientific Aspects of Lactation – Hormones; breastmilk production; breast anatomy; medications; components of human milk; allergies and disease
  • Maternal Issues Regarding Breastfeeding – nutrition; counseling; empowering women; prenatal issues; contraception; family
  • Infant Assessment and Breastfeeding Evaluation – Positioning and latch-on; documentation; infant growth and development; lactation management.
  • Getting Breastfeeding Off to the Best Start – Hospital practices; milk supply; causes, prevention, and treatment of common problems.
  • Common Challenges in the Later Weeks – Low weight gain; failure to thrive; causes and treatment for common problems; jaundice; supplementation
  • Lactation Consultant Clinical Practicum – Assist breastfeeding dyad with breastfeeding management and problem solving
  • Using Breastfeeding Devices Wisely –Breast pumps; devices; donor milk; working mother
  • High Risk Infants and Long-Term Special Needs –Preterm; special needs; contraindications; inducing lactation
  • Learning How to Read Research – Evaluate information from research article
  • Where Do I Go From Here? – IBCLC practice, litigation; ethics; burnout; policies and procedures; breastfeeding promotion

Sampling of Activities in Course 511 Lessons

  • Interview a practicing IBCLC
  • Attend prenatal breastfeeding class
  • Observe consultations
  • Critique or develop breastfeeding policy
  • Assist mothers with breastfeeding positioning and technique
  • Assess physical development of infants
  • Evaluate physical, mental, emotional and social development of toddlers
  • Survey businesses for breastfeeding support
  • Observe in a NICU
  • Interview mother of multiples or challenged infant

Texts for Lactation Courses

  • Lauwers J, Swisher, A. Counseling the Nursing Mother: A Lactation Consultant's Guide, Boston, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 5th edition.
  • Lawrence R. Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, St. Louis, C.V. Mosby, 4th edition.
  •  Riordan J, Waumbach K. Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, Boston, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 7th edition.

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